How New Windows Reduce Outside Noise

Your home is a personal space to enjoy life with friends and family. It’s a place to reboot and refresh after a long day, and when outside noise filters in, that can be disrupted. Noise from the street, aircraft, or heavy equipment can invade your home due to old, worn-out windows. When you replace your windows, sound reduction is one of the benefits you receive. This blog will detail how new windows reduce outside noise.

How Windows Reduce Noise Intrusion in Your Home

Sound typically comes in through window seal leaks and gaps in window frames. While no residential window blocks all sound all the time, noise-reducing replacement windows block 90-95% of the noise that would normally come through a window. There are several ways your new windows can reduce outside noise:

Multiple Panes of Specialty Glass

Today’s windows come with multiple panes of glass that are harder for outside noise to penetrate. Most windows now have two or three panes; the more panes of glass a window has, the better it is at reducing noise. Some manufacturers offer specialty glass that is thicker or has a special coating that helps absorb sound waves.

Insulating Gas

Insulated glass windows consist of two or more glass panes separated by a space filled with air or insulating gas, such as argon or krypton. The air or gas acts as a barrier, slowing down sound waves as they pass through the window. Larger air or gas space between the panes can further slow sound waves.

Better Seals

New windows that have insulated glass also have better seals than single-pane windows. These seals help prevent air leaks and can also reduce noise transmission. Tightly sealed windows keep the outside noise outside while keeping only the sounds you’d like to hear inside.

Upgraded Frames

New window frames are often made from materials that absorb sound better than older frames. Vinyl frames can provide better sound insulation than aluminum frames often found on older single-pane windows.

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