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Palm Desert is a city located in the Riverside County right in the Coachella Valley area. It is about 121 miles northeast of San Diego, 14 miles east of Palm Springs, and 122 miles east of Los Angeles. According to the 2010 census, the population was 48,445, which was an increase compared to the 2000 census when the community was 41,155 people. The city has been considered the fastest-growing in the state since the 80s and 90s. It started with 11,801 residents in 1980 and doubled up to 23,650 in the 1990s. The main reason for this population grown is the so called “snowbirds”. “Snowbirds” are people coming from the east coast and Canada in winter time, escaping harsh weather conditions. Each year the population is expected to increase by 31,000 people each winter. In the present years, Palm Desert has seen more “full-timers.” These full times are staying because they look for comfortable, affordable, and beautiful homes.


The surrounding geography influences the climate of the Coachella Valley. With three sides obstructed by high mountain ranges and a south-sloping valley floor, it is no doubt Palm Desert experiences some of the warmest winters in the Western United States. On average, Palm Desert will experience annual high temperatures of 89-degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 62-degrees Fahrenheit. Still, it is not uncommon for the temperatures to surpass 108 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer and even reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The nighttime can be in the low 80s. During the winter, the temperatures range from 73-84 degrees Fahrenheit. It is making Palm Desert one of the warmest places of the United States.

Climate Solutions

Snowbirds, full-timers, and current residents in Palm Desert face one of the warmest winters and summers of the United States! Although 80 degree weather sounds fantastic during the winter, the scorching summers can be quite unbearable. Most often than never, homeowners and business owners have their ACs running full blast during the summer, trying to escape from the outdoor heat, but that can leave a massive dent in the bank account. So what can homeowners and snowbirds do to enjoy the valley to the fullest? Window replacement is a way to keep your home safe and more refreshing during summer. With new replacement windows the house will stay warm enough during the winter, and, most importantly, save you tons of cash on utility bills.

All American Window and Door is committed to bringing residents of Palm Desert, the best window replacement experience because we believe in a comfortable living space that does not have to cost a fortune. Window replacement is an eco-friendly upgrade to your home, saving energy by not letting the cool air leak from your home, and replacement windows are designed to insulate your home better. That way, your AC won’t have to run as hard. Expand HVAC life span, lower utility bills, and live comfortably.

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