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Palm Springs 

Within the Coachella Valley in Riverside County, you can find a resort city Palm Springs. It is about 268 miles west of Phoenix Arizona, around 123 miles northeast of San Diego, 107 miles east of Los Angeles, and approximately 55 miles east of San Bernardino. Palm Springs is about 94 square miles of land, and it is the largest city in Riverside County, California.

Palm Springs is famous for its recreational activities. Among the most popular activities are golf, swimming, tennis, biking, hiking and horseback riding. All of them can be enjoyed in the nearby desert and mountain areas. The mid-century modern architecture has made Palm Springs even more popular, not to mention the arts and cultural scene you can experience when you visit or reside in the area. It is no wonder why this is a popular retirement destination. During the winter, it is a popular “snowbird” destination. The population of Palm Springs almost triples from November to March.


With a hot desert climate, Palm Springs residents experience over 300 days of sunshine, and 5 inches of rain can be expected each year. This is one of the privileged cities that enjoys a warm winter with average temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In January, the average temperature can reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit and sometimes it goes up to 90 degrees. There are about 14 days a year when the temperature is in the below freezing range. The lowest temperature recorded was 19 degrees Fahrenheit in 1937. In contrast to the winter, the summers are sweltering with daytime temperatures well above 110 degrees Fahrenheit. In summer at night the temperature decreases to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. On average, the temperatures are quite pleasant at 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Still, there are over 180 days where you can experience the temperatures above 90 degrees, and about 100 days of the year, it will be over 116 degrees Fahrenheits. The highest temperature was 123 degrees Fahrenheit, which was recorded in 1995.


Extreme weather conditions in the valley can force residents to spend extra money on HVAC systems that have to be running all day to achieve comfort in their homes. But at All American Window and Door, we believe that comfort in your home does not have to cost a fortune, and it is achieved by making home improvements such as window and door replacement.


All American Window and Door offers Palm Spring residents the best window replacement. Our windows are guaranteed to give your home better insulation and avoid air leakage to keep your home comfortable and give your HVAC system a break. Expand your HVAC life span, save on energy utilities and live comfortably in a beautiful home.

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