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The Rancho Las Palmas Country Club

The Rancho Las Palmas Country Club resides in the stunning Palm Springs desert valley area of Rancho Mirage. The club features an excellent 27-hole Ted Robinson-designed golf course that’s committed to continuous restoration and renovation. Its fairway extends over gently rolling hills and includes six lakes, all at the base of the snow-capped San Jacinto Mountains. Their homes provide people with the opportunity to live in a community surrounded by palm-lined fairways, a world-famous resort, and breathtaking mountain views. Residents also enjoy their extensive private social events, tennis clubs, and pools. 



The surrounding geography influences the climate at Rancho Las Palmas Country Club. The south-sloping valley floor and high mountain ranges on three sides create a unique warm atmosphere year-round. It has some of the warmest winters on the west coast! Summer highs are around 108°F and can sometimes exceed 120°F. During the wintertime, the highs are around 73-84°F, with the lowest temperature getting down to 45°F. The club receives about 270 sunny days and 5 inches of rain per year.


Climate Solutions

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